Nancy Lynn -Noted Author and Motivational Speaker

On Monday 4/1, SSCS hosted Nancy Lynn, a noted author and motivational speaker. Ms. Lynn is the Chief Image Officer of The Polished Professional, and the author of The Young Polished Professional.   Ms. Lynn is a speaker, author and image coach. After graduating High School, Ms. Lynn attended Faulkner University and majored in Business. After serving as an adjunct professor at Stevens Institute of Technology for over 10 years, Ms. Lynn began to focus on developing teaching modules in order to build interactive communication skills for professionals. She has personally coached well over 400 executives. She is currently a lead instructor teaching communication and presentation skills to clients, including such major international companies as General Electric, Bristol Myers Squibb, AT&T and Aetna.

Following the assembly, Ms. Lynn conducted a separate workshop for interested FFA and FBLA students.