Head Start Program/ Universal Pre Kindergarten

Head Start Main Office
P: (518) 234-7521

Schoharie County Child Development Council

Sharon Springs Central School Classroom/Office
P: (518) 284-3800

The Schoharie County Head Start Program is a federally funded program for children ages 3-5 and their families. Head Start addresses all areas of development – social, academic, physical and emotional–using the Creative Curriculum to teach through children’s play. Parent / family involvement is an integral part of our program, including visits to review and plan children’s goals to helping with projects and activities at home and at school.

Our school has contracted with Head Start to run a Universal Pre Kindergarten program which is open to all children who turn 4 before December 1st.  This program runs 5 days a week and offers all of the services provided by the traditional Head Start program.


We also run a separate program for 3 year old children.  Children attend class 4 days a week and receive 4 Parent\Teacher home visits every other week to work on individual goals.

The 3rd program that Head Start operates from Sharon Springs Central School is a home base Early Head Start program for children aged 0-3 and expectant mothers.  These families have weekly home visits along with 2 playgroups a month at the Sharon Springs Free Library.