Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

What are Academic Intervention Services (AIS)?

It is the mission of the Sharon Springs Central School District to provide additional instruction and support to those students who are at risk of not achieving the New York Learning Standards in the core subjects.

Why provide AIS?

We provide AIS to comply with the regulations of the Education Commissioner of NYS and No Child Left Behind Act. These laws require services be provided to all students who score below a proficiency level on grade-level assessments.

Students in both regular and special education programs are entitled to services that will enable them to work to their fullest potential in the learning environment.

What do these services include?
  • Supplemental reading and English language arts instruction
  • Supplemental mathematics instruction
Who receives AIS?

AIS is provided to any student who receives a 1 or 2 (out of 4) on New York State assessments (3rd – 8th grades) and TONYSS (2nd grade).

In kindergarten and first grade, teachers may recommend students who may be struggling academically to receive AIS.