College Application Process

September Checklist:
  • Create a calendar of all important dates
  • Meet with your guidance counselor
  • Ask for letters of recommendation
  • Register and study for October and November SATs and SAT IIs
  • Work on application essays
October Checklist:
  • Edit your application essays
  • Finalize your college list

Early Decision and Early Action applicants:

  • Compile all application materials
  • Send standardized test scores to schools
November Checklist:
  • Stay on top of your classes
  • Keep proofreading application essays
  • Register and prep for December SATs and SAT I
December Checklist:
  • Re-take standardized tests, if applicable
  • Organize and finish all applications
  • Fill out FAFSA forms

ED and EA applicants:

  • Look out for admissions decisions
January Checklist:
  • Have your guidance counselor send mid-year grades to colleges

Early Decision II applicants:

  • Keep an eye out for admissions decisions
February -March Checklist:
  • Resist senioritis
  • Keep up your grades
  • Notify colleges of any new accomplishments
April Checklist:
  • Evaluate all admissions decisions
  • Discuss and compare all important factors with your family
  • Research and visit as many schools as you can
May Checklist:
  • Send in your admissions decision and deposit
  • Notify the schools you will not be attending
June Checklist:
  • Celebrate your accomplishments!