Students in the After School Enrichment Program

on November 1, 2017

Students in the After  School Enrichment program studied the Goldenrod Gall Fly Life Cycle and the parasites and predators that feed on the Goldenrod Gall Larva.  Students were excited to go on a treasure hunt  in search of Goldenrod Galls going outside and locating over 100 Galls.  During the next session students opened the Galls to find what was living inside.  Students found mostly Goldenrod Gall Fly Larva.  They also identified the Larva of two parasitic wasps and a parasitic beetle.  On examining the Galls, students also found holes that were made by Chickadees and Woodpeckers that had eaten the Larva in the Galls.  Students then created a pictograph of the results showing the numbers of organisms they found in the Galls.