Three SSCS Students Recognized t the MiSci Invention Convention

on May 24, 2017

Emily Schuler, Josh Bivins and Kadence Kennedy were all recognized at the MiSci Invention Convention, at the MiSci Museum in Schenectady, for their creativity and ingenuity.  Each student submitted a model of their invention and each was named a semifinalist.  Emily made a “Pupper Bowl”, an invention to help pet owners have water for their pets.  Josh’s invention, “Charge-a-Glove”, included the use of solar cells, embedded in a pair of gloves, to help charge a cell phone while the phone was being held.  Kadence made her invention to help frost cup cakes: An Automatic Cup Cake Frosting Machine.  Over 1100 inventions were submitted by students from 39 schools in the Capital District region.  These three student inventions were selected to be one of the top 100 inventions.  Congratulations Emily, Josh and Kadence!!!