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on February 14, 2020

On Wednesday 2/12, SSCS 10th and 11th graders attended a performance of Hamilton in NYC.   The morning started out with our arrival to NYC and standing in line.   The NYC Police Department was well represented both outside the theater and inside.   As required for participation, all students in attendance completed a Hamilton Study Guide and independent research project which included a performance piece.  Of the 30 or so participating high schools, 13 were selected to be on stage.  Our own Isabella Schuler and Jillian Bent were selected to perform!  Immediately following was a cast member  Q@A with such questions as “what type of advice would you give your HS self?”  The students then enjoyed lunch at the Playwright Celtic Pub on 8th Avenue.

Following lunch, we returned to the theater to watch the actual Hamilton performance. We had fantastic seats and there were no incidents to speak of with the some 1300 HS students in attendance.   Some of the other high schools included; The Young Women’s Leadership School of Queens, the Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management, the High School of Language and Innovation,  Palisade Preparatory School,  Manhattan Early College School for Advertising, Lower Manhattan School for Advertising, Harvest Collegiate High School, Hamden High School, Brimm Medical Arts High School and the Academy for College Preparation and Career Exploration.

Click here for Performance by Isabella Schuler and Jillian Bent