On Saturday, March 17, 5 students and 2 teachers participated in the GE sponsored KidWind competition.

on March 21, 2018

The KidWind Challenge is the ultimate wind energy learning experience for students. KidWind Competition is designed for Middle School and High School students from around the country and encourages them to explore wind energy through the hands-on, investigative approach.  Students discover the promise and limitations of wind energy technology, design, build, and test a functional creative wind turbine, and compete with their peers in a supportive environment.

The Sharon Springs team, consisting of Adam Bartow, Jesse Valhos, Nick VanArsdale, Noah Acampora and Wyatt Patterson, with advisors, Mr. Lauterbach and Ms. Lauzon attended the competition with teams from all around the capital district.  There were two parts to the competition: building and testing a wind turbine in a wind tunnel, and presenting their findings to a panel of judges.  The students started on their wind turbine in December,  then worked to improve their designs over the course of 3 and a half months.  They developed many different bases to support their blades and also worked on various blade designs.  The students worked on gear boxes and gear ratios, engineering and design, electricity, motors, circuits, voltages and resistance.  Their final design produced power and they are looking forward to next year to improve upon this year’s design.  Congratulations to each team member on a job well done!